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Leads Management

Customer Leads

homehelper Platform now support the Leads Management functionality, this allows service providers to choose from a pool of customer leads requests to send out quotations. The service providers have the option to select which categories of requests they wish to view by setting the categories to view.

Customers post their leads requests on homehelper Platform for service providers to give quotations on the leads. Our team of administrators will verify the customer leads request if they are legit requests and we publish the requests to the service providers. Daily emails are send out as notifications to the service providers on available leads requests.

Before service providers can view customer lead request details they need to purchase the lead for 3 credits per lead request. Once the lead is purchased, the service provider has full access to the lead's contact details and email address.

The service provider has two ways to send the quotation to the client, they have the option to email a quotation or make a direct phone call to the customer. Each quotation request has a maximum of 6 quotation responses that can be send for a single lead request.

A successful quotation lead is one the customer will choose and contact the service provider for further action or proceed with the request . The customer close lead request when he/she chooses the service provider to go with.

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