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How It Works

Download, Install & Register

Download our home helper app on your mobile phone, our mobile app is available on Play Store and App Store. Register your account on the mobile app or on our website

Once the app is installed and is open on your mobile you will be on the mobile app landing page / welcome page. First screen we have a welcome screen with three buttons, Register, Login and View Service Providers. If the user presses Register button it opens register screen. The use is has to fill all their information in the respective form fields. The register button will only be active when all the information required is filled in and only the user can submit the form.

Lastly is the Login screen, this screen is where the user supply their email address and password to access the mobile app. On successful login the user is taken to step two

Login, Dashboard and Business Listings

Once the user is successfully logged in to the mobile app and user is redirected to the dashboard where the user is presented with featured adverts slider or adverts and a keyword search.

After that there is a list of categories on the mobile app where users can navigate and view service providers that they are looking for to render a service. In each category there is a list of three types of service provider listings Featured, Full and Basic listing types.

Featured, Full and Basic from high to low priority respectively, all featured listings will be displayed first, then full listings and lastly basic listings.

Business Listing Features

homehelper business listings is a list of registered service providers on the mobile app and users have access to all service providers and can hire any service provider to their liking.
First screen displays a list of service provider’s business listings in a selected category, a user will see a list of service provider’s business listings from Featured, Full and Basic listings in that order respectively.

If you select a service provider who fits the job you want to be done, screen two is part of the information of the service provider information. We have the banner at the top, company name, email address, social media links if any, address of the business, contact number of the service provider.

A user can share the service provider business link via all sharing platforms, add a business listing to favorite’s and report a service provider listing. After the first section the next section is for the business service details of the service provider.
Request a Quote – a user can request a quotation from the service provider if they need some work to be done.

Request an Appointment – a user can request an appointment with the service provider, a user can request a date and time. There is a google maps for getting the directions to the service provider’s location. A user can also rate the service provider after the job has been completed. There is also the option to send an enquiry and call the service provider if need be.